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Bona Traffic HD Wood Floor Finish Product Review
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Finish for Ultimate High Traffic Performance

Bona Traffic HD is a 2-component waterborne topcoat for surface treating wooden floors in public areas with high traffic intensity. Using new advanced polymer technology, Bona Traffic HD has been developed for sustainable results on the floor and the environment with uncompromising resistance to scratches, scuff marks and chemicals. 

The product has a very low odour and has received DIBt approval for its low indoor emissions. Clear, non-yellowing formula.

The above text is the standard Bona Traffic HD product introduction.

Bona Traffic HD is a new variant of the hugely successful high traffic commercial lacquer range from Bona, and only recently released here in the UK. Woodfloor-Renovations are privileged to have been asked to undertake a product test and review of their new product and to publish our evaluations on this website.

We used Bona Traffic HD on a Pine Parquet wood block flooring on one of our domestic projects in Prestatyn, North Wales.

The area is a 25m2 reception room, relatively square with 2 x bay windows, the pattern of the pine wood blocks are a classic herringbone with a 2 block border, the project had multiple block repairs [10m2] to undertake before we arrived at the Sanding & Sealing element of this project.

After we had completed the parquet block repairs, and properly prepared the surface to our usual high standards, we were at last ready to start applying the lacquer system, which for this project was 1 x coat of Bona Prime and 2 x coats of Bona Traffic HD which really is a top of the range lacquer specification for a domestic situation such as this one.

Bona recommend a waterborne primer coat before using Traffic HD.

The Bona Prime was applied as it usually is, easily and without any issues, and after the proper drying time was observed, in this case only 60 minutes, [it was unbelievably a nice dry and warm day here in the UK] we then moved on to the main event and the application of the Bona Traffic HD. After giving both the lacquer components [lacquer & hardener] a vigorous shaking, we then poured the hardener into the main 5 litre can, gave the can another good shaking to mix the two components properly together and left for 10 minutes to settle.

Whenever I use a wood floor coating product that I haven't used before, I'm always a little wary [even worried] as you are just not 100% sure what to expect, however, as with all the Bona products I've ever used - I really needn't of worried.

Using Bona Traffic HD is I have to say, very easy indeed - when properly mixed and poured onto the floor surface, whether it was for cutting in or for the larger roller application, the product really did apply beautifully, the lacquer had a nice consistency, sat nicely on the parquet flooring, and when worked the product moved easily and covered the parquet blocks really nicely, the lacquer levelled out quite quickly as well leaving no overlap lines whatsoever.

For this particular application we used a new 15" medium pile roller [8mm pile length], and for the cutting in a new 4" foam roller was used, when the first coat of Traffic HD had dried, aesthetically the lacquer had a bright crisp look to it meaning the natural grain structure of the Rustic Pine Parquet blocks shone through and looked just superb, the Silkmatt lacquer we used had the right sheen level for this room, not too shiny nor too matt...just right !

The drying times for the Traffic HD were impressively quick, well under the 2-3 hours per coat that the manufacturers say is the norm, we applied the 3 coats in just over 4 hours which is good for the application of any lacquer system, that said it was a warm and bright day which always helps lacquer drying times.

In summary Bona Traffic HD is clearly a high quality top of the range heavy duty formulation, designed specifically for high traffic environments, I must say we were particularly impressed with how easy the product is to apply with a roller - it really is simplicity itself...and should hold no fears at all for professionals or the DIY end user alike.

Remember to always follow the manufacturers instructions and recommendations for applying their respective products, if you apply Bona Traffic HD as you should, it will not only look superb but leave you with a hard wearing durable surface that will give the end user many years of faithful service if properly looked after.

Bona Traffic HD has a 4 hour pot life, which basically means that if you have mixed more than you are going to use in a day then what is left in the pot will be unusable after 4 hours.

**Note** In very demanding environments, further applications/coats of Bona Traffic HD would be recommended.

It is NOT recommended that more than 2 full coats of Bona Traffic HD are applied in one day due to the risk of excessive wood swelling, make sure to have good ventilation available during drying periods.

With specialist flooring lacquers you do get what you pay for, and it doesn't get more specialist than this, with Bona Traffic HD you are getting one of the best flooring lacquers there is on the world market today, and quality like this product doesn't come cheap I'm afraid, expect to pay somewhere between £100.00-£120.00 for a 5 litre unit of this product here in the UK.

With Traffic HD, Bona recommend light use a minimum of 8 hrs after the final coat has been applied to your floor, Remember maximum hardness of the Lacquer is achieved after 5 Days with Bona Traffic HD.

The coverage that was achieved on this project was excellent, we applied the Traffic HD at the manufacturers recommended rate of 8-10m2 per litre [we got 10m2 per litre overall], the floor area was 25m2 and we applied 2 x coats of traffic HD on top of the primer coat, and used all but an egg cup full of the 5 Litre can, so we know that the coatings of Bona Traffic HD we applied were delivered correctly and at the right film coat depth.

Pine Parquet Block Flooing Sanded before Bona Traffic HD applied
Pine Parquet Block Floor After Bona Traffic HD Applied
This picture shows the condition of the Pine Parquet block floor just after we had started the floor sanding process This second picture shows the floor in its finished condition directly after the final coat of Bona Traffic HD had been applied onto this pine parquet flooring...looks slightly better than the first picture.

Bona Traffic HD Summary / Key Benefits
  • 40% less VOC [volatile organic compound] compared to the classic Bona Traffic finish
  • Using new advanced polymer technology
  • Light Foot Traffic 8hrs after application
  • Significantly greater scratch and scuff resistance is achieved only 24hr after Traffic HD is applied
  • Full use in 24hrs eg. Return Furniture to area
  • Full hardness [Fully Cured] in 5 Days
  • Extremely Low Odour
  • Non Yellowing Surface
  • Ultimate Durability
  • Early Performance Development - Ready to use 24hrs after coating
  • Excellent Absorption of Floor Unevenness
  • DIBt Approved
Gain For The Contractor
  • Faster Curing Saves Valuable Time for Both Contractors and Floor Owners
  • Improved Working Conditions
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The above video clip shows the pine parquet block floor just after we had started the floor sanding in the room
This second video shows the Pine Parquet Wood Block room in its fully finished condition after we had applied the final coat of Bona Traffic HD Silkmatt lacquer


REMEMBER - ALWAYS follow the manufacturers instructions and read them carefully.
If you are not sure about any aspect of this article consult a Professional.

Woodfloor-Renovations is a genuine Bona Approved and Recommended Company Certified company you can find us on Bona's Find your contractor page on their website

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