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We not only offer high quality Sanding and Sealing of Timber Floors, we can also offer clients minor repairs to Parquet floors.

Unfortunately we DO NOT now offer large scale re-instatement of loose parquet floors...

A Fireplace Infill Repair will be be a minimum of £250.00 + materials for this scope of works.
[Dependant on size of infill and other remedial works involved]

Please note: We always apply 3 coats of a quality Water Based Lacquer System as part of our service for domestic situations, or if Flooring Oil is the preferred seal of choice, either 1 or 2 coats are applied depending on the final product specification, all the products we use are from world class suppliers such as Berger Seidle and Bona.


  • Professional High Quality [low dust] Wood Floor Sanding & Sealing
  • Wood Floor Sanding Only
  • Parquet Block Repairs [Small scale repairs ONLY]
  • Seal Floors Only [Professional Application of lacquers or Oils]
  • Wooden Floor Cleaning/Buffing/Refreshing Service Available
  • Subfloor Preparation [Self Levelling and Liquid DPM application]


Woodfloor-Renovations is a genuine Bona Approved and Recommended Company Certified company you can find us on Bona's Find your contractor page on their website

Are you looking for a place to buy the excellent Berger Seidle range of high Quality Flooring Lacquers, Oils and Stains...Look no further, go to who sell the full range at great prices.

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