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How to Use Liquid DPM Review Page

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Lecol PU280 Express Primer and Sika Rapid Liquid DPM

Why Should I Use a Primer ?

An awful lot of Sub-floors and substrates can cause many problems for wood flooring.

As an example, many moisture problems and issues can be tracked back to the sub-floor and dusty, poorly prepared sub-floors will almost certainly give adhesion problems.

When the sub-floor is correctly primed, the sub-floor will be strengthened, dust problems solved, the adhesion will be improved, and if the correct primer is used and properly applied to the sub floor, moisture problems can be corrected and almost certain disaster can be avoided.

On many jobs Lecol PU280 Express primer or Sika Rapid DPM are very often the first products out of the van. When used as a primer on dusty or weak sub-floors it penetrates the concrete or screed and forms a chemical bond with MS and PU Adhesives, meaning that if you bond a new wooden floor on top of a sub floor with a liquid DPM applied, the likelihood is that no moisture can penetrate up through the concrete slab and into the wooden floor above, thus in all probability stopping any moisture issues with the wood flooring.

Both these Liquid DPM's are 1 component, meaning you only use what you pour onto the sub floor !! No waste at all.

For better product control it is advisable that you work the product out of a suitable paint tray, a 9" roller with a medium pile length is a good option for applying a liquid DPM, for cutting in use an old 4" paint brush.

You can also just pour the product onto the sub floor and apply, be careful not to pour out too much product at once, take your time and apply it evenly.

Don't bother trying to clean your roller or paintbrush after application, just throw them away.

In normal drying conditions in approx 45 minutes after application, you can start laying your new floor, or be applying another coat of the liquid DPM.

With two coats, you have a Damp Proof Membrane. It will tackle residual moisture in concrete up to 6% C.M.!!

2 Coats is good - 3 is better still. If you are using full contact adhesive to stick down your new wooden floor, a broadcasting of Kiln dried sand as you apply the 3rd coat of the Liquid DPM, will act as a superb adhesion promoter, if for example you use Lecol 5500 adhesive or Sika 5500s over the Liquid DPM to adhere a new wooden floor to your sub floor.

Don't forget to thoroughly vacuum the area after the last coat of the liquid DPM you have applied and the Kiln dried sand has properly dried.

Both these liquid DPM's can be used on a number of different sub-floors/substrate conditions. Check with the manufacturers for the correct usage of both these excellent products, both these manufacturers have all the technical details needed to make an informed choice on their respective web sites.


ALWAYS thoroughly read the manufacturers instructions and guidelines before using DPM products.


  • Look out for a light blue line around the roller refill, this designates that the pile has been thermo fused onto the actual roller sleeve and is highly unlikely to shed hair/pile into the lacquer.

For cutting in we would recommend using a 4" Mini Paint Roller with a foam refill, or a 2" paintbrush, these products are cheap but do the job extremely well. You don't always have to buy the manufacturers recommended products, which are normally twice the price of perfectly suitable alternatives.

The opinions and views expressed in this article are those of Woodfloor-Renovations through our experiences with the numerous Floor Sanding & Sealing projects that we have undertaken.

** No guarantee whatsoever is offered with this advice **

REMEMBER - ALWAYS follow the manufacturers instructions and read them carefully.

If you are not sure about any aspect of this article consult a Professional.

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The links below are Product Technical information sheets from the Manufacturers and should be of use. They are all PDF Files and clicking on the links will open your computers PDF reading program.

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Lecol PU280 Express Primer Image
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Sika Rapid DPM image
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Liquid dpm being applied
Liquid moisture barrier being applied to a sub floor


9 inch roller refill


4 inch paint tray and mini roller

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