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Junckers HP Commecial Product Review Page

© Copyright Author Gary Hughes/Woodfloor-Renovations
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Junckers HP Commercial is a low-odour, 2 component water-based polyurethane lacquer.hard-wearing polyurethane lacquer for pre finished or untreated, newly installed or machine sanded wood floors in commercial areas.

Junckers HP Commercial Lacquer should be mixed with Junckers HP Commercial Hardener before use.

Junckers HP Commercial is one of the heavyweight high traffic lacquer solutions here in the UK, i personally have used this product on scores of projects and have yet to encounter the slightest issue with it. As a 2 part product it mixes easily, has excellent flow and levelling properties and whether the product is poured directly onto the floor or is worked out of a paint tray, it is easy to use, especially with the correct roller/applicator type.

This high quality lacquer has a crisp, clear and colourless finish, which highlights the true beauty of a natural wood floor.

The drying times with Junckers HP Commercial are slightly longer than the other lacquers in the Junckers stable, but this is a top quality formulation, designed specifically for high traffic areas, so waiting an extra hr or two overall is a small price to pay for using such a durable product, you can expect a 2-3 hr drying time [per coat] with this product.

HP Commercial as with most professional lacquers takes approx 72 hrs to fully cure and harden, but the good news is that 95% of the curing takes place in the first 12 hours after application.

Junckers HP Commercial is a direct competitor to Bona Traffic , and is usually a good 10% cheaper to buy than Traffic, but performance wise, in our opinion it is just as good.

Expect to pay between £70.00-£90.00 for 5 Litres of Junckers HP Commercial

While the product is at the Top range of the Lacquer cost scale, being a Junckers product it is easy to apply, has excellent flow and leveling properties and dries in good time as well, [dependant on site conditions]

With quality wood flooring lacquers, you get what you pay for, and what you get with Junckers HP Commercial is a high quality durable product, that is virtually bullet proof, and is backed up with the Junckers name, which is synonymous with excellent products and considerable technical know-how.

During the colder times of year, if possible have the central heating turned on in the room/house/project that the Junckers HP Commercial is being applied into, this can help considerably with lacquer drying times.

Remember maximum hardness of this product is achieved after 72 hours

The coverage is also excellent, we get at the very least 10m2 per litre of
HP Commercial , often 12m2 + is achievable but is dependant on many things - NEVER skimp on the amount of lacquer you put down, 10-12 m2 per litre of product is an average and depends on a variety of variables, for example a badly prepared floor will almost certainly need/use more lacquer than a correctly prepared floor - its all about the preparation.

Junckers HP Commercial Comes in the Following sizes

Package sizes: Lacquer part: 2, 5 and 10 litres.Hardener part: 0.2, 0.5 and 1 litre.
Carefully Follow the manufacturers instructions for mixing and settling time.

Sheen Levels:- Ultra Matt [10% Sheen] Matt [20% Sheen] Silk [50% Sheen] Gloss [80% Sheen]

System Recommendations

Untreated and sanded floors:
1 x coat Junckers Prelak 8 m2/litre or Pro Seal 10 m2/litre or Junckers Baseprime
2 x coats Junckers HP Commercial 10-12 m2/litre.

All these finishes look superb when properly applied and it would of course depend on the choice of the end user as to what aesthetic sheen level best suits the particular area/room where that the product is being applied to.

I have recently been asked via email what is the difference between Junckers HP Commercial and Junckers HP Sport ??

The answer is very little, they are very similar formulations, with the main difference being that Junckers HP Sport has a slightly better slip resistance rating than Junckers HP Commercial.

Everything in this article applies to Junckers HP Sport as well.


We are often asked 'How many coats of lacquer do i need' - the simple answer is as many as you like, but this always relates to cost & the timeframe involved in the project. As a general rule of thumb a Professional Floor Sanding company will specify 3 Coats of Lacquer or 2 coats of Oil as standard for a domestic situation, extra coats of lacquer will be at an extra cost, anything between £4 - £6 per coat per m2 - eg. For a 20m2 lounge to be given a 4th coat of lacquer should cost between £80 - £120

If in doubt just ask your Floor Sanding Professional.

Junckers HP Commercial can be applied to a wood floor in a number of ways, a floor sanding professional will use a variety of application methods depending on the size of project, but if you are looking to apply lacquer to for example a 20m2 lounge, Oak strip, a 9" roller would be perfectly acceptable, the roller refill you need should be a 'medium pile' with the pile length being no longer than 8mm, a decent quality roller will have that information on the packet, use an inch and three quarter roller cage, these are more robust and just better than the cheaper inch and a half alternatives.

  • Look out for a light blue line around the roller refill, this designates that the pile has been thermo fused onto the actual roller sleeve and is highly unlikely to shed hair/pile into the lacquer.

For cutting in we would recommend using a 4" Mini Paint Roller with a foam refill, these products are cheap but do the job extremely well. You don't always have to buy the manufacturers recommended products, which are normally twice the price of perfectly suitable alternatives.

The opinions and views expressed in this article are those of Woodfloor-Renovations through our experiences with the numerous Floor Sanding & Sealing projects that we have undertaken.

** No guarantee whatsoever is offered with this advice **

REMEMBER - ALWAYS follow the manufacturers instructions and read them carefully.

If you are not sure about any aspect of this article consult a Professional.

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The links below are Product Technical information sheets from the Manufacturers and may be of use. They are all PDF Files and clicking on the links will open your computers PDF reading program.

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