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Junckers Baseprime Review Page

© Copyright Author Gary Hughes/Woodfloor-Renovations
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Junckers Baseprime is a quick-drying primer which in combination with Junckers solvent based or water based lacquers is suitable for most sanded and untreated parquet floors, including most exotic wood floors.

gives light-coloured woods a light-gold appearance.

should ONLY be used as the sealing coat for the wood fibres.

Junckers Baseprime is a Solvent Based primer, very fast curing for wooden floors where water based primers cannot be used due to poor adhesion and possible cross contamination issues, it is ideal for exotic timbers and has a clear finish.

The above text is the standard Junckers product information.

With Junckers Baseprime being a solvent based product it means that a strong odour will be apparent during product application, you will need as much ventilation as possible in the area to which you are applying the Baseprime, the odour will only last a short period of time, it is also advisable to wear a cloth/gauze mask during application.

When applied to a light wood species, eg. Pine Floorboards or a light Oak - Junckers Baseprime gives a natural warm light-gold colouration to the material, is pretty easy to apply, and dries quickly, anything between 20 minutes and 1 Hr is normal given suitable drying conditions, the product is fully cured in approx 30 minutes and can then be over-coated with either a lacquer or an Oil finish.

*** Only apply 1 Coat of Baseprime ***

After the end user has sucessfully applied the coat of Junckers Baseprime, DO NOT attempt to lightly sand or 'cut back' the coat of Baseprime...EVER - I have heard of instances of where an end user has tried to 'cut back' the coat of Baseprime, with disasterous results!!

This product is NOT designed to be sanded, further coats of seal are to be applied immediately after the Baseprime is dry, it is then after the coat or coats of seal are dry, that cutting back of the floor can take place.

What Junckers Baseprime is particularly good for is that if you have no idea of the history of the floor you are renovating ie. you don't know if the floor has been lacquered or has been oiled, or has been over coated with multiple layers of old flooring polish or residues that may contaminate the new coats of lacquer or seal that you are applying.

Junckers Baseprime acts as a quality isolation coat and should stop any cross contamination of old residues that are lying between parquet blocks or floorboards. You then simply apply your seal of choice directly on top of the properly dried coat of Junckers Baseprime.

On a professional note, I have used Junckers Baseprime as the primer coat on many thousands of m2 of many different species of wooden floors, from plain whitewood floorboards, to American Walnut, and have NEVER had any kind of issue or problem with cross contamination of lacquers or Oils.

Expect to pay between £40.00-£50.00 for a 5 litre can of Baseprime, online retailers often have offers on, shop around to get the best deal you can.

Coverage rates of approx 10m2 per litre of Junckers Baseprime is normal - ie. 1 x 5 litre can should be enough product for 1 coat to a properly prepared area of around 45m2.

Remember *** Only apply 1 Coat of Junckers Baseprime ***


Junckers Baseprime can be applied to a wood floor in a number of ways, my personal favourite way of applying Baseprime is with a 9" 'medium pile' roller with the pile length being approx 8-10 mm, and working the Junckers Baseprime out of a paint tray, this way you have total control over the amount of product being applied, and also drips and spills are kept to a bare minimum.

  • Look out for a light blue line around the roller refill, this designates that the pile has been thermo fused onto the actual roller sleeve and is highly unlikely to shed hair/pile into the lacquer.

For cutting in we would recommend using a Mini Paint Roller, solvent resistant are better, these products are cheap but do the job extremely well. You don't always have to buy the manufacturers recommended products, which are normally twice the price of perfectly suitable alternatives.

The opinions and views expressed in this article are those of Woodfloor-Renovations through our experiences with the numerous Floor Sanding & Sealing projects that we have undertaken.

** No guarantee whatsoever is offered with this advice **

REMEMBER - ALWAYS follow the manufacturers instructions and read them carefully.

If you are not sure about any aspect of this article consult a Professional.

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