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In January 2014 we were asked to install a new oiled oak engineered wooden floor for clients in Bagillt, North Wales, The concrete sub floor was quite uneven and the whole Lounge/Dining Room needed self levelling...We again chose to use all the sub floor preparation products from one supplier WAKOL, we used their PU280 liquid moisture suppressant, their little known about [here in the UK] D3045 specialist granular primer, and also their excellent Z615 low dust self levelling compound, which gave us a superbly flat and sound sub floor on which to lay the new customer supplied Oiled Rustic Oak Engineered flooring.

The through lounge/Dining Room was 23 m2 in overall size, but was badly in need of being properly self levelled as one side of the room was considerably lower than the other, in all we used 16 x 25kg bags of the Z615 levelling compound [in 2 pours & primed inbetween] to bring the sub floor levels to an acceptable level surface on which we could lay the new engineered oak flooring.

The flooring was a really good product which the clients had purchased at a surprisingly reasonable price given the overall quality of the 190mm wide x 1800mm long x 21mm thick rustic oak oiled boards, the boards were of a high quality multiply construction, and had a substantial 6mm wear layer of solid rustic oak.

The sub floor preparation started with the application of 2 x coats of the excellent Lecol PU280 liquid dpm [moisture suppressant] to the sub floor.

After the 2 coats of Lecol PU280 had dried, we then applied Wakol D3045 over the liquid dpm, the purpose of this product is to form a bridge between the polyurethane dpm and the self levelling compound, if the D3045 granular primer wasn't used, and the self leveller was applied over the dpm its extremely likely the self leveller would not adhere correctly to the dpm resulting in an expensive failure !!

After the D3045 had dried properly [in about 1 hour] we then mixed and laid the Wakol Z615 self levelling compound, now although I've used the Z615 many times before, the product batch we used was a new formulation and I'm happy to report it was a delight to both mix and also lay, when mixing this product, barely a puff of dust came up from the mixing bucket...this formulation is a low dust product.

One of the many reasons we use Wakol Z615 is it's extremely high nm [newton metre] strength of 43, and any DIYers reading this should know that a minimum nm strength of 25 is needed in the concrete sub floor when laying a wooden floor...not a lot of people know that...As you can see from the pictures below, after the sub floor has been self levelled there is a nice flat, clean [and strong] surface on which to lay the new engineered wood flooring material.

The specialist parquet adhesive we used on this project to full contact bond the engineered flooring to the sub floor was the fantastic Lecol MS290, our Lecol/Wakol rep, Mr. Duncan Conlan, recommended this product for its superior bonding strength, this was the first project we had used the MS290 on and we were mightily impressed with the performance of this product, a very very impressive adhesive !!

Now anyone reading may just of noticed a common thread throughout this article, in that all the products we have used are from the same company, in this case Lecol [now re branded as Wakol]

It's extremely important to do this, as if a different manufacturers adhesive is used on top of the self leveller [from Wakol] and there is a failure somewhere along the line, then its very likely the manufacturers will point the finger of blame at each other...Whereas when all the products are used from the same supplier, there is only one port of call in the event of the unthinkable happening !!

  • Sub Floor Preparation Sub Floor Preparation This is the sub floor after the second coat of Lecol PU280 had been applied.
  • Subfloor Prep Subfloor Prep This is the sub floor after the second coat of Lecol PU280 had been applied.
  • Sufloor Preraration Sufloor Preraration This is the subfloor after both the PU280 dpm and the D3045 have been applied,
  • Subfloor Prep Subfloor Prep This is the subfloor after both the PU280 dpm and the D3045 have been applied,
  • Sub Floor Self Levelled Sub Floor Self Levelled This picture shows the room after the self levelling has been done [4 days] and we have just started to lay the Engineered floor.
  • Floor Laid Floor Laid All done and looking fantastic...
  • Floor Fitted Floor Fitted Showing the finished flooring from the Hallway
  • All Done All Done Showing the finished room from a different perspective
  • Looking Good... Looking Good... Another perspective...
  • Looking Very good Looking Very good Another view of the room, the white and green tub in the picture is the superb Lecol MS290...what an adhesive !!
  • Last Picture Last Picture Wow...how good does that look !! our customer is very happy with the transformation...unsurprisingly !!

Hope you have enjoyed the article, the project turned out really well and the floor looked genuinely superb, with most importantly 2 very happy clients !!!

The above picture rotator shows some of the pictures we took during the sub floor preparation, and the installation of the Engineered Flooring to the area...You can then scroll forwards or backwards through the pictures at your leisure.
*NB* Woodfloor-Renovations would like to thank Mr. Duncan Conlan , [Lecol UK Sales Manager] for his help and valued technical expertise on this project...Many Thanks Duncan.

The opinions and views expressed in this article are those of Woodfloor-Renovations through our experiences with the numerous Floor Sanding & Sealing projects that we have undertaken.

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