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Installing a New Oak Parquet Block Floor Using Wakol Products

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In March 2016 we have installed a new rustic oak parquet wood block floor for a client in Pentredwr, near Llangollen in North Wales, the community centre is having a large amount of different refurbishment works carried out, and we were selected to install a new Rustic Oak Parquet Wood Block Floor by the clients.

We had to carefully prepare the sub floor as the slab was laid in June 2015...We chose to use all the sub floor preparation products from one supplier WAKOL, we used their PU280 liquid moisture suppressant, their little known about [here in the UK] D3045 specialist granular primer, and also their excellent Z715 self levelling compound, which gave us a flat and sound sub floor on which to lay the new rustic oak parquet blocks, which were supplied by the clients.

The first thing to do when we arrived on the first day was to thoroughly vacuum the sub floor [concrete] which, as i mentioned was laid in June 2015 at a depth of approx 4 " [100mm] with a mechanical DPM underneath [vis queen sheet] most people know that you must allow the concrete sub floor to dry/cure properly before any type of wood floor is fitted, a typical drying rate for the concrete is 1mm per day, which would be for the first 50 days, after which the concrete will dry out at 1/2mm per day, meaning you must wait an absolute minimum of 150 days before fitting a wooden floor.

We then applied 2 x coats of Wakol PU280 liquid dpm [moisture suppressant] to the sub floor.

Now people reading this may be thinking why do you need to apply a moisture suppressant to a sub floor which already has a vis queen dpm underneath the slab ?...Even though the sub floor [concrete slab] had a pretty low m/c [moisture content] of 1.8-2.0% [CM method] when we inspected and did our comprehensive tests, its prudent to apply a moisture suppressant to ensure any residual moisture is kept away from the new wooden parquet flooring as much as possible.

After the 2 coats of Lecol PU280 had dried, we then applied Lecol D3045 over the liquid dpm, the purpose of this product is to form a bridge between the polyurethane dpm and the self levelling compound, if the D3045 wasn't used, and the self leveller was applied over the dpm its extremely likely the self leveller would not adhere correctly to the dpm resulting in an expensive failure !!

After the D3045 was applied, we went home and came back the next day to lay the self levelling compound, we mixed and laid the Lecol Z715 self levelling compound to the 72m2 area, the Z715 was properly mixed and laid without any issues at all.

The specialist parquet adhesive we used on this project to full contact bond the parquet wood block flooring to the sub floor was the superb Wakol MS230, this is a strong adhesive, and is ideal for full contact bonding of the material [new parquet blocks] to a properly prepared sub floor.

Some readers may of noticed a common thread throughout this article, in that all the products we used are from the same company, in this case Wakol.

It's extremely important to do this, as if a different manufacturers adhesive is used on top of the self leveller [from Wakol] and there is a failure somewhere along the line, then its very likely the manufacturers will point the finger of blame at each other...Whereas when all the products are used from the same supplier, there is only one port of call in the event of the unthinkable happening !!

The video clip below details the installation process and is just over 4 minutes long in total.

The finished new customer supplied rustic oak parquet floor looked fabulous when the 2 Coat, Lobador 2K Invisible Protection A.T lacquer system was applied...this robust 2 part lacquer really was easy to apply to the properly prepared parquet floor, we used a new 15" roller to apply the lacquer, and 4" foam rollers for the cutting in, this finished parquet floor now has a hard wearing, easy to maintain coating which if looked after properly should last many years before another treatment is needed.

*NB* Woodfloor-Renovations would again like to thank Mr. Duncan Conlan , [Wakol UK Sales Manager] for his help and valued technical expertise on this project...Many Thanks Duncan.

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